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September 16, 2019 Jackie Chandiru’s Death A Hoax – Singer Still Battling Drug Addiction.

Drug Addict and former Blu3 singer Jackie Chandiru is not dead but still battling a serious drug addiction that is threatening her life.

For over 24 hours, Social media has been awashed with rumors that the faded singer had died.

A merged picture of a terribly looking Chandiru with her former healthy look was circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp groups with the words Rest In Peace.

Several of music fans had already sent in their sympathies but Chandiru’s manager has come out to clear the air that the former diva from Maracha District is still alive.

Jackie Chandiru has been battling a very bad drug addiction and is currently being attended to at a Naguru health facility although reports say she has escaped from the facility with the help of her drug-addicted friends.

After years of drug addiction, Jackie made a cameo come back in 2018 and performed at a couple of shows before detoriating back into drugs.

Last week, Sabavulu Balaam promised to fundraise for the faded singer to get proper treatment and try to save her life.